Joan of Arc Bean Recipes

Heroic in the kitchen – JOAN of ARC bean recipes are soon to be instant go-to family classics! These easy recipes including grilling-time favorites, chili recipes, and other tasty mealtime solutions are sure to please your whole family. JOAN of ARC beans are the convenient essential ingredient that can save the day. Try these tasty JOAN of ARC bean recipes in your own kitchen today!

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  • Thick Turkey Bean Chili

    Enjoy this version of chili, made with turkey.

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  • Three Bean Soup

    A soup full of vegetables, beans and spices.

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  • Tie Dye Salad

    A bean salad ready in minutes.

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  • Tuscan Bean Salad

    Salad comprised of green beans, kidney and garbanzo beans, parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar.

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  • Tuscan-style Bean Soup

    A hearty soup that will warm you up during the cold months.

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  • Warm Three Bean Salad

    A tasty salad with kidney, black and butter beans.

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  • White Chili

    Chili packed with beans and full of flavor.

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